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Be an entrepreneur in Denmark

Denmark is one of the easiest places to set up as an entrepreneur both Forbes magazine and GEM (the Global Entrepreneurship monitor) have placed Denmark in the top three countries for start-ups, both as regards to “the entrepreneurial behavior and attitudesof individuals“ and  “The national contextand how that impacts entrepreneurship”.

Establishing your business in Denmark is easy. We have a streamlined quick online process at a minimum of costs. There is also a vast number of governmental funded business development projects, to which we at Business Aabenraa can guide you to the relevant possibilities for the growth of your company in the Danish-German border region.

Reasons for choosing Aabenraa when starting your company

  • The survival rate of new established companies in Aabenraa was in 2015 68%, which is above the average national level.
  • In 2015 The rate of establishment of new companies in Aabenraa was  6.1 (147) corresponding to the 2nd highest in Southern Denmark
  • Our local network is facilitated by Aabenraa Erhvervsforening. Having around paying members in 2018, it is the largest business association in the southern part of Denmark.
  • According to the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) in 2016 Aabenraa municipality has the best ranking position in Southern Denmark as regards to businessframework conditions.
  • A strong network of established companies, entrepreneurs and universities
  • Extensive knowledge of funded company development initiatives
  • The Commercial port of Aabenraa is situated 5 min. away from highway E45(A7).
  • We offer building sites for business establishment at both highway E45(A7) and at our commercial port.
  • The Settlement coordinatorof the municipality of Aabenraa is ready to  assist you and your family with a smooth settlement in Aabenraa

Industrielle focal points in Aabenraa

At Business Aabenraa, we focus on supporting the objectives of Aabenraa municipality in the further development of the strength positions within the industries of:

  • Transport and Logistics
  • Regional Foodproduction
  • Health and Welfare technology

Also the strategy of Aabenraa municipality is to be an active partner in the strategic Danish- German cross border cooperation in the border region Southern Jutland –Schleswig (Sønderjylland- Slesvig).

Transport und Logistik

Building sites at the largest transport and logistics area in Northern Europe

Aabenraa municipality is geographically situated directly at the boarder to Germany, having Northern Europe’s largest transport and logistics area in Padborg and one of Denmark’s largest commercial ports.

We offer commercial building sites at both the commercial harbor area and close by the E45 highway

For further information, please contact us and we will guide you and provide customized information for the establishment of your company in Denmark.

Regional foodproduction

If you plan on establishing a food related company, you will by settling in Aabenraa be producing your food products using price winning tapwater.

The drinking water in Aabenraa municipality origins from natural groundwater reservoirs and is awarded as the best tasting drinking water in Denmark.

The objective of the municipality of Aabenraa is to strengthen the food industry as an umbrella brand with a focus on healthy tastes and the Southern Danish quality.

The Network: Southern Danish Temptations (Sønderjyske fristelser)

The objective of the association “Southern Danish Temptations “ is to promote the joy of producing  good quality food products respecting the craft and good raw materials.

Advocating and initiating the process for the development of locally produced quality food products.

The members of the association are; local food producers, food processing companies, food specialty stores, farm shops, restaurants and actors from the agricultural tourism including food products as an important part of their concept.

Welfare and health technology

LivingTech Aabenraa

LivingTech Aabenraa is a public-private innovation, test and development environment of future welfare technology solutions  in which the Aabenraa Municipality is an active player.

When cooperating with LivingTech Aabenraa you gain access to have your product reviewed by qualified employees from the Danish public healthcare marked and the actual end-users.

Development Council of Southern Jutland

Facilitates the network Welfare Technology South (Velfærdsteknologi Syd) (VT Syd).

VT Syd supports the focus of the four southern municipalities on welfare technology, including the four Hospitals of Southern Jutland(Sygehus Sønderjylland)as important partners.

  • Includes the knowledge and strategy from the work of the Regional Health Strategy Forum, WelfareTech (The national Danish cluster and hub for innovation and business development in healthcare) and actors form Northern Germany
  • Acts as a link between public and private actors, including companies, knowledge centers, educational institutions, etc.
  • Coordinates the launch of projects and develops a shared experience platform, strengthening one structured implementation of new welfare technology in the four southern Jutland municipalities.

Helping you, is our main goal

Companies and entrepreneurs settling in the municipality of Aabenraa, is by Business Aabenraaoffered free of charge business services – within 24 hours from you contacting us.

We offer:

  • 1:1 guidance and sparring
  • Mentoring contacts
  • Theme meetings
  • Workshops
  • An extensive knowledge on funded business development programs
  • A close contact to the municipality of Aabenraa
  • A strong network of private advisors, established companies, entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions, the regional Business Development Centre – Southern Denmark, the Southern Danish representation at the EU-office in Brussels as well as the Development Council of Southern Denmark (URS) and provide access and cooperation with universities.

We hold strong competencies in Danish / German cross border initiatives and it is our mission to create network and connect companies in order to generate success.

Helping you is our main goal. Contact us for further information on the benefits of establishing your company in the municipality of Aabenraa.

Let us help you
Contact us if you are interested in establishing you company in Denmark, settling in a municipality with a strong network of established companies, providing contact to cross border initiatives between Denmark and Germany, having thorough knowledge and experience of working with EU and governmental funded business initiatives as well as cooperation with knowledge institutions and other municipalities in Denmark.